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* Code review by: [mailto:plmagda@myseneca.ca Paul Magda]
* Code review by: [mailto:plmagda@myseneca.ca Paul Magda]
* Status:
* Status:
*: (being developed/pull request/'''being reviewed'''/pushed to master)
*: (being developed/pull request/'''<u>being reviewed</u>'''/pushed to master)
* comments:
* comments:

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OOP344 | Weekly Schedule | Student List | Teams | Project | Student Resources

Team Name (C Shepherd)

Project Marking Percentage

  • due immediately

Group work:      50%        (25 <= xx <= 50)
Individual work: 50% +      (50 <= xx <= 75) 
Total           100%


  • repo Github id:

Team Members

Team Name: C Shepherd
First Name Last Name Section Seneca Id Github ID wiki id IRC nick Blog URL
Alina Shtramwasser A ashtramwasser1 Github:AlinaShtramwasser Alina Shtramwasser Alya ashtramwasser
Gwendolyn Damaren A gedamaren Github:gedamaren Gwendolyn Elaine Damaren gedamaren Gwen's C++ Blog
Gabriel Szczesniak A gjszczesniak Github:gjszczesniak Gabriel Joseph Szczesniak MrJoepeck ++G
Paul Magda A plmagda Github:pmagda Paul Leslie Magda pmagda C Plus Paul
Yaraslau Nikifarau A ynikifarau Github:ynikifarau ynikifarau ynikifarau Seneca OOP344 Yaraslau's Blog

Issues and Status

Issue description and/or number (1)

  • Assigned to: FULLNAME
  • Code review by: FULLNAME
  • Status:
    (being developed/pull request/being reviewed/pushed to master)
  • comments:


  • Assigned to: Paul Magda
  • Code review by: Alina Shtramwasser
  • Status:
    (being developed/pull request/being reviewed/pushed to master)
  • comments:



  • Assigned to: Gabriel Szczesniak
  • Code review by: Paul Magda
  • Status:
    (being developed/pull request/being reviewed/pushed to master)
  • comments:









Coding Rules

Header safeguards

#pragma once
#ifndef __CSH_CLASSNAME_H__
#define __CSH_CLASSNAME_H__

Issue Comment Title Naming Standards

When submitting issues make sure to stick with a standard format:
Issue and Branch Name in Standard Format - "Short sentence about what you did in the first person"
eg: 2.5_CButtonMock-upClass - "I added cbutton mock-up class"


  • latest will be on top
  1. C-Shepherd Meeting 1.0 - Hangout | assigned issues for milestone 0.2 on November 04, 2012
  2. topic and date2


Check out our C-Shepherd C-Shepherd stream on Google+ for all ongoing conversations about the project.