CDOT Summer Orientation 2012

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Introductions from West to East:

  • Brian Perry
  • Rose Saliba
  • Grace Batumbya
  • Mary Lynn Manton
  • Peter Callaghan
  • Fardad Soleimanloo
  • Dawn Mercer
  • Diana George
  • David Humphrey
  • Jesse Silver
  • David Perit
  • Robert Stanica
  • Vincent Lee
  • Wei Song
  • Chris Tyler
  • Hasan Kamal-Al-Deen
  • Masihul "Max" Abed
  • Andrew Green
  • Cathy Leung
  • Matt Schranz
  • David Seifried
  • Jon Chiappetta
  • Jordan Cwang
  • Justin Robinson
  • Chris DeCairos
  • Chad Alan Pilkey

Funding for CDOT...

  • NSERC (Natural Science and Engineering Research Council) Innovation Enhancement Grant (IEG) - $2.3 million, 5 years, $500/400,000 per year - AROSS (Applied Research in Open Source Software)
  • NSERC IRCC (Industrial Research Chairs for Colleges) Grant - $1 million, 5 years - OSTEP (Open Source Technology for Emerging Platforms)
  • Various FedDev grants for specific projects (typically 1 year)
  • Canadian Foundation for Innovation (CFI) / Ontario Research Foundation (ORF) grant - Inclusive Design Institute (IDI) - Infrastructure including Network

Current CDOT Projects...

  • Fedora ARM - Building the Fedora open source package collection for ARM processors
  • DCC Tool (need a new name!) - 3D Digital Content Creation tool for the web
  • Popcorn - JS library for time-based (video/audio-sync'd) actions
  • Popcorn Maker - Easy-to-use, web-based authoring tool for Popcorn (was Butter)
  • Gladius - Game engine for the web (formerly Paladin)
  • Big Blue Button - Web-based educational conferencing, capture, and sharing tool
  • NexJ - SQLite connector, Connected Wellness Platform (in partnership with other institutions, with FedDev funding) - mobile front-end
  • Unis Lumin (stay tuned for news!)


Be prepared to give, at any time:

  • A quick demo of your work
  • A sound-bite description of your project (a couple of sentences that anyone can understand)

Upcoming demos:

  • OCE Discovery (May 14-15)
  • IDI Announcement (May 23-25)
  • Weekly demo presentations to CDOT (ongoing)

Work Environment...

  • Research and Development
    • Attention to detail - Use your blog to record and communicate what you're doing
    • Be aware of and respectful of Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs)
    • Accountability to funding agencies - There are rules about allowable expenses and reporting
  • Professionalism
    • We're a professional research organization -- We must conduct ourselves in an appropriate way
    • CDOT is open to visitors -- but is not a hang-out place. Please feel free to give tours to anyone interested (respecting NDAs), but don't invite them to your cubicle for the day.
    • Keeping a professional workspace involves cleanliness, taking advantage of facilities (such as the kitchen, meeting rooms, coat cupboards, etc), and being aware of sound issues.
  • Rooms
    • T1042 - Small meeting room (2-8 people) - book via (or left-hand side of the wiki)
    • T1030 - Fishbowl - Book via
    • T1012 - Conference room (up to 18 people) - Book via telisupport
    • T1009 - Video room (up to 40 people depending on layout) - Book Via
    • T1040 - The ARMory
  • Equipment Sign-out
    • Long-term loan - Laptops for projects, etc.
    • Short-term loan
  • Security
    • There have been thefts at CDOT
    • Use the laptop locks, lockable overhead bins, door locks
    • Watch for unauthorized people, feel free to ask "May I help you?" and not allow people to follow you through the doors after hours

Work hours

  • 10-3 rule: Be here between the hours of 10 AM and 3 PM for collaboration. You can schedule the rest of your time flexibly to fit your other committments, bus/train/rush hour schedules, and team and partner meetings
  • Summer students must not work after 5 PM. This does not apply to researchers in any other employment category (co-op, P/T, etc).
  • Full-time (co-op or summer students) are limited to 35 hours/week. Part-time are limited to 24 hours per week.
  • Time off - sick leave, personal appointments, days off:
    • Summer students get vacation pay - will typically be paid lump-sum at the end of the semester
    • Co-op students do not get vacation pay
    • Do not work or record hours for a statutory holiday
    • Talk to your faculty lead (if they're on) or to Dawn/Rose (if your faculty lead is away) in advance of planned time away, or as soon as possible in the event of sickness/accident
  • Time sheets
    • Use your new contract number
    • Copy your faculty lead on your timesheets


  • Working in the open requires a higher-than-normal level of open communication
  • Scrums
    • Standing meeting - Physically standing! - <10 minutes at 10 am every day
    • Quick update: What you've done, what you're doing, what you need to coordinate with others on (Note: Don't actually coordinate, argue, plan during the scrum!)
  • Blogging
    • Blog to Planet CDOT at least weekly. Read the planet daily. 'Nuff said
  • Twitter
    • Good idea to use
  • IRC
    • This is a key communication tool
    • Mandatory to be on IRC the whole time you're working -- including freenode:#seneca (the #seneca-cdot channel is being discontinued) plus whatever channels are relevant to your projects
  • E-mail lists
    • - All CDOT employees - Check your Seneca employee account regulary (or forward to somewhere you check)
    • - CDOT steering committee
    • etc -- Project-specific lists (your faculty lead can set this up)
  • Project meetings
    • Consult with your project lead
    • 1x+ per week
    • Replace the scrums at 10 am on Thursday mornings
  • Etherpad
  • Wiki
    • Please keep up to date

Health and Safety

  • Avoid calling 911 for emergencies - Call security instead (use your judgement)
  • See (and post) the Green Sheets for security information (please remove the out-of-date yellow sheets)
  • First Aid is behind Emily's desk
  • Repetitive Stress Injuries (RSI) are a high hazard in our work - watch for issues with neck/shoulder/arms/eyes/back - adjust your workspace/equipment appropriately, use software (e.g., enforced typing breaks)


Who's Here When

  • Dave Humphrey, Cathy, and Jordan are here the first half