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People working in the CDOT area, including CDOT researchers and faculty, ORI staff, and Industry Partners:

First Name Last Name Seneca LDAP ID Wiki Name IRC, Twitter Nicks Blog Extension Primary Project Role (Researcher, Faculty, Support, Administration, Industry Partner)
Andor Salga andor.salga asalga asalga - WebGL Researcher
Anthony Boccia anthony.boccia Aeboccia aeboccia 3463 Fedora-ARM Researcher
Ben Kam ben.kam Faculty
Bhatnagar Abhishek - abhishekbh abhatnag, @abhishekToronto - NexJ Researcher
Brian Lim None Yet Brianlim brian_lim - NexJ Researcher
Carl Desautels carlin.desautels cwdesautels cdes_, @cwdesautels - BerrySync Researcher
Catherine Leung catherine.leung catherine.leung cathy cathyatseneca 3348 WebGL Faculty
Christopher De Cairos cadecairos Christopher De Cairos cadecairos - JavaScript Libraries Researcher
Chris Tyler chris.tyler Chris Tyler ctyler, @chris_tyler 3315 Fedora-ARM Faculty
Daniel Hodgin daniel.hodgin Dhhodgin dhodgin, @dhodgin 3380 Processing.js, JavaScript Libraries Researcher
David Humphrey david.humphrey David.humphrey humph, @humphd 3263 Mozilla, JavaScript Libraries Faculty
David Perit - dperit dperit, @dperit - WebGL Researcher
David Seifried dseifried dseifried dseif @dcseifried - JavaScript Libraries Researcher
Dawn Mercer dawn.mercer dawn.mercer x3086 Interaction Design, User testing Researcher, Admin
Donna Oberes Researcher
Evan Weaver Admin, Project Lead
Grace Simon Batumbya grace.batumbya gbatumbya bgrace 3548 NexJ Express Researcher
Fardad Soleimanloo Faculty
Jonathan Chiappetta jon.chiappetta Fossjon fossjon 3463 Fedora-ARM Researcher
Jon Buckley jon.buckley jbuck jbuck 3380 Javascript Libraries Researcher
Jordan Anastasiade jordan.anastasiade Jordan.Anastasiade _jordan - 3261 NexJ - Eclipse, Java EE, Mobile Faculty
Kaitlyn Callow dacallow dacallow kait85 - BerrySync Researcher
Masihul Abed masihul.abed M Abed @maxamaxim Max's Blog Fedora-ARM Researcher
Mao Hua Li - Maoli1207 Mao - BerrySync Researcher
Mike Hoye - mhoye mhoye - BerrySync Industry Partner
Mohammed Buttu Researcher
Paul Whalen paul.whalen Paul.W PaulW PaulW_cdot 3463 Fedora-ARM Researcher
Peter Callaghan peter.callaghan pcallaghan pcallaghan C3DL Faculty/Researcher
Peter Liu peter.liu Peter Liu pliu 3234 NexJ Express Faculty
Salman Zafar salman.zafar szafar8 szafar8 3463 Fedora-ARM Researcher
Scott Downe scott.downe sdowne scott/sdowne, @scottdowne - JavaScript Libraries Researcher
Wei Song - MexJ Researcher


  • The LDAP ID should be your staff LDAP ID, not your student LDAP ID (if applicable). Generally, these are in the form firstname.lastname
  • The LDAP ID can be converted to an e-mail address with the appropriate transformation :-)