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People working in the CDOT area, including CDOT researchers and faculty, ORI staff, and Industry Partners:

First Name Last Name Seneca LDAP ID Wiki Name IRC, Twitter Nicks Blog Extension Primary Project Role (Researcher, Faculty, Support, Administration, Industry Partner) CDOT Golf/Polo Shirt Size
Andor Salga andor.salga asalga asalga - WebGL Researcher M
Anthony Boccia anthony.boccia Aeboccia aeboccia 3463 Fedora-ARM Researcher XL
Ben Kam ben.kam Faculty
Brian Lim None Yet Brianlim brian_lim - NexJ Researcher M
Carl Desautels cwdesautels cwdesautels cdes_, @cwdesautels - BerrySync Researcher M
Catherine Leung catherine.leung catherine.leung cathy cathyatseneca 3348 WebGL Faculty M
Christopher De Cairos cadecairos Christopher De Cairos cadecairos - JavaScript Libraries Researcher L
Chris Tyler chris.tyler Chris Tyler ctyler, @chris_tyler 3315 Fedora-ARM Faculty XL
Daniel Hodgin daniel.hodgin Dhhodgin dhodgin, @dhodgin ---- Processing.js, JavaScript Libraries Researcher L
David Humphrey david.humphrey David.humphrey humph, @humphd 3263 Mozilla, JavaScript Libraries Faculty M (per FSOSS)
David Perit - dperit dperit, @dperit - WebGL Researcher M
David Seifried dseifried dseifried dseif @dcseifried - JavaScript Libraries Researcher
Donna Oberes Researcher
Grace Simon Batumbya grace.batumbya gbatumbya bgrace 3548 NexJ Express Researcher M
Jonathan Chiappetta jonathan.chiappetta Fossjon fossjon 3463 Fedora-ARM Researcher
Jon Buckley - jbuck jbuck - Javascript Libraries Researcher L
Jordan Anastasiade jordan.anastasiade Jordan.Anastasiade _jordan - 3261 NexJ - Eclipse, Java EE, Mobile Faculty
Kaitlyn Callow dacallow dacallow kait85 - BerrySync Researcher 2XL womens
Mao Hua Li - Maoli1207 Mao - BerrySync Researcher L
Mike Hoye - mhoye mhoye - BerrySync Industry Partner
Mohammed Buttu Researcher
Paul Whalen paul.whalen Paul.W PaulW PaulW_cdot 3463 Fedora-ARM Researcher XL
Peter Callaghan peter.callaghan pcallaghan pcallaghan C3DL Faculty/Researcher L
Peter Liu peter.liu Peter Liu pliu 3234 NexJ Express Faculty
Salman Zafar salman.zafar szafar8 szafar8 3463 Fedora-ARM Researcher
Scott Downe scott.downe sdowne scott/sdowne, @scottdowne - JavaScript Libraries Researcher


  • The LDAP ID should be your staff LDAP ID, not your student LDAP ID (if applicable). Generally, these are in the form firstname.lastname
  • The LDAP ID can be converted to an e-mail address with the appropriate transformation :-)