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  • Make your presentation offline by downloading all your resources
    • Using local links to your content
  • The wifi won't work
    • Live demo bugs (after all its not a live demo without them)
  • Get the 20ft VGA cable from the armory
    • There is an HDMI option, however the VGA cable seems to work the best in practice
  • Get a VGA adapter from T1042 if your device requires it
  • Your door card should work on the T1009 presentation room

Day Before

  • Familiarize yourself with the projector
    • If you can't find your device on the inputs, ask for help
  • See if the connection to your device works
  • Do a dry run



  • Lay down the video cable your using
  • Appropriately place the podium if you require it
  • Open your presentation


  • Speak clearly, and loudly
    • The architecture of the room makes low volumes inaudible in certain sections
  • Do Not Put Your Hands In Your Pockets
    • Grip the podium, animate your examples, Hands behind your back
  • Face the audience, you should know what is on your slides
  • Engage the audience
    • Questions, eye contact, and anecdotes help with this
  • Open the floor for questions or criticisms if appropriate


  • Put all the resources back where you found them
  • Turn off the projector
    • Shutdown the windows XP interface
    • Hold the power button on the remote

Presentation Technologies

Online Tools

Video Capturing

  • Quicktime
    • Using its screen capture ability