CDOT Meeting 2012-05-04

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CDOT Steering 2012-05-03

  1. Equipment
    • Dawn has the list :-)
    • Consider Kensington SecureBack iPad locks, touch-screen machines specifically for demos
  2. IDI Launch
  3. OCE Discovery
    • Two presences:
      1. Turtlesback - one of four Seneca projects highlighted in a 10' booth under York Region banner (Can't use CDOT zap there)
      2. Raspberry Pi - one of the displays in the Digital Interactive Zone (may be able to use CDOT zap there)
    • Marketing recommends using existing CDOT mini-flyer for IDI/OCE
      • Remove Pointstream XB
      • Add Popcorn Maker
      • Refresh all sections and review where URLs land by next Tuesday, May 8 for printing by Friday, May 11
  4. Launch of Connected Wellness Platform (NexJ) - June 22
  5. Launch of Turtlesback - June 22