CDOT Meeting 2012-04-12

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CDOT STEERING 2012-04-12

  1. Updates
    • Jordan - NexJ - Project this summer: SQLite Adapter
      • Wellness Initiative to follow
    • Dave
      • PointerLock
        • Just landed, will ship in FF14
      • Summer
        • Currently interviewing, focus on Popcorn/PopcornMaker/Gladius
        • It's good to get students early, but they don't have all of the skills they need
        • BSD students are good because they can be hired for several years/summers
        • Need to find a way to identify talent early
        • Desired qualities: self-directed, independent, curious, can work on deadlines and under stress, can self-teach, needs to strong communicator (local team, global team, presentations, writing, documentation), team player/collaborative worker
    • Chris
      • Having troubles finding a person to work as a 1-year Intern/research assistant
    • Cathy
      • Have identified a potential hire for the summer -- will be working 3 days here (+2 at startup)
      • Set for staffing requirements for the summer
      • Hope to have initial DCC Tool ready by end of April, public release
      • Javascript plugs for operators (3d filters) enable the writing of 3rd party plugins
    • Fardad
      • BigBlueButton continuing, looking to hire a Popcorn person
      • Want to use Popcorn to record additional events
    • Dawn
      • Unis Lumen
  2. IDI
    • Need photos
    • Need bio blurbs from a few people
  3. OCE Discovery, May 14-15
    • Who's going? -> Cathy and David P (Turtlesback), Chris, Evan, Dawn
    • Display: Raspberry Pi with solar cell playing Turtlesback screencast videos on 32" LCD screen
      • Need:
        1. Solar cell and barrel connector
        2. 32" LCD
        3. HDMI cable
        4. Raspberry Pi
        5. Wireless keyboard/mouse with single USB dongle
        6. Video files (H.264 AVI)
    • Display: Popcorn/Popcorn Maker - One Millionth Tower Trailer
      • Need:
        1. Large screen computer
  4. Marketing Materials
    • Have been using a handout with a brief description of our projects plus contact information
    • Need to identify and qualify potential local/regional SME partners
    • Marketing wants to discuss larger strategy around CDOT marketing