CDOT Meeting 2011-03-17

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  • Firefox 4 Release
  • Updates
  • Firefox 4 release plans
  • Updates for all projects
  • Summer Student/Co-op job vacancies
  • Zap posters.
  • Other


  • Firefox 4 Release Tuesday
    • discuss
          want a press release  - to David to prepare a doc for Emily M (Marketing)
          internal "party" for Seneca -CS folks.
  • Updates
      • Fedora 13 release for ARM in two weeks
      • 5 machines coming from a company in the US - thin client machines a good testinmg target
      • discussion with Red Hat recently; they seem to be "pumped" about ARM but.. no end user software so Tim Burke keeps putting people on the task of ARM work. Want to see the ARM stuff move ahead at a good rate. They do Kernel and Installer our focus on ..?...

3rd or 4th Q 2012 for sunset. Do a partnership so we can partner with NSERC. Good progress.

      • consolidate some of the NDA's so more multi-company collaboration can move ahead.
      • Calzeda about funding - slow progress but promising.
      • Dell first OEM the other is HP