CDOT Meeting 2011-01-27

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  • (Cathy) The SIGGraph game paper was not accepted because it did not fit in the theme. They recommended that the content be presented as a talk. Discussion around how to put the talk together. Suggest a talk on what <canvas> can do now.
  • (Dave) Request from PBS to create a popcorn structure for delivery of the "State of the Union" address. Demonstrated the challenges to operating under business deadlines.
    • The work related to processing.js and Popcorn are growing. This is both good news and a challenge since current faculty mentors are reaching the edge of their time limitations.
  • (Chris) ARM update: (Chris please add)
    • Potential to take on student assistance is limited by industry contributions. Discussions with Calxeda may change this. Discussions with the Town of Markham may provide a demonstration installation.