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The new equipment has arrived! Tuesday, February 19 was Config Day, but there's lots left to do. If you have some available time, please help set things up.

Machine names, IPs, and Status

Please update this information as you work on the machines' configuration.

Hostname Type Location IP Status
spain Mac mini T1045E - cubicle A Installed Fink, libIDL (as part of orbit), and glib

Build Time real 54m31.010s user 31m21.000s sys 5m59.475s

china PC T1045E - cubicle B F8+XP+Vista installed, only F8 boots (!)
liberia PC T1045E - cubicle C optical drive fixed (cables), F8+Vista+XP installed, only F8 boots (!), network jack permits local access only
newzealand PC T1045E - cubicle D F8 installed, network jack not working
easterisland(to be set) Mac mini T1045H - cubicle E Xcode, fink, orbit and glib installed

Build Time real ?s user ?s

sys ?s
ireland PC T1045H - cubicle F F8 installed, peterevanoff did debug build in 3:50!


  • Four PCs - quad-core, 4GB RAM, 500GB disk, dual 22" displays on each
  • Two Mac Minis - dual-core, 2GB RAM, 120GB disk + external drive, 24" displays


  • Get each of the PCs configured for triple-boot. Install in the following order:
    • Windows XP SP2
    • Windows Vista
    • Fedora Core 8
  • Install the toolchain required to build mozilla on each platform (Win/Linux/Mac)
  • Perform a test build on each platform

PC Partitioning

Drives are ~500 GB:

  • Partition 1: 150 GB NTFS containing XP SP2
  • Partition 2: 100 GB NTFS containing Vista
  • Partition 3: 100 MB Linux boot partition
  • Partition 4: Extended partition
  • Partitions 5-9: 50 GB Linux LVM PVs (last one will be smaller)

Linux LVM PV layout:

  • 50 GB / filesystem (ext3)
  • 80 GB /home filesystem (ext3)
  • 50 GB /var filesystem

Software to be installed

(Remember, other tools can be added later!)

  • Build tools required for Mozilla build (Win/Linux/Mac). NOTE: use VS.NET Pro on Win32 vs. Express
  • PuTTY on WinXP/Vista
  • Current version of FF2 and TB

Mac installed software

  • Xcode3.0
  • fink - (
    • download tarball, untar and ./boostrap (prees enter all the time to choose default)
    • . /sw/bin/
    • fink selfupdate-cvs
    • fink install orbit orbit-dev
    • sudo apt-get glib


  • Disable remote root/admin login on all operating systems.


  • Please create an account for yourself and use it for all development work on these machines.


Ori-macmini.jpg Ori-pc.jpg