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(Presentation Dates)
(Presentation Dates)
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|Laily Ajellu & Matthew Marangoni
|Laily Ajellu & Matthew Marangoni
|Accessibility (Tentative title)
|Designing and Implementing Inclusive Applications

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This page is largely for internal CDOT presentations however there will be certain dates where it will also be open to the public.
Please see the main CDOT page for more information.

Weekly presentations for Autumn 2016 are commencing! Presentations will happen at 2:00 PM on Mondays in room T1009 (the large presentation room). There will be one longer presentation each week, and all CDOT members will have to present once.

Presentations should be 20-30 minutes and will include a Q & A session afterwards.

Presentation topics should be based on an aspect of your current project that you yourself helped to build, fix, maintain, improve, solve or are otherwise was involved in. Topics can also be on things that was related to the work you had been doing (eg open source software/tools that was used or how they are used).

If you need any special adapters to connect your laptop or other devices (anything other than VGA or HDMI output), ask Michael Huang or Chris Tyler.

Please copy PUBLIC presentation information to Fall 2016 CDOT Public Talks

Presentation Dates

Date Presenter Topic Public Session
2016-09-19 Michael Huang Container Orchestration with Kubernetes No
2016-09-26 Eric Brauer Making Your Own Raspberry Pi Daughter Boards Yes
2016-10-03 Henrique Coelho Engineering.com Project Overview (Tentative Title) No
2016-10-17 Laily Ajellu & Matthew Marangoni Designing and Implementing Inclusive Applications Yes
2016-10-24 No
2016-10-31 No
2016-11-07 Chris Johnson Containers: A Crash Course Yes
2016-11-14 No
2016-11-21 No
2016-11-28 No
2016-12-05 Henrique Coelho & Matthew Welke TBD Yes
2016-12-12 No
2016-12-19 No