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Project Name

C3DL Build Bot - Build System for the C3DL Javascript library

Project Plan & Description

Project Description

The build bot system for the C3DL library is a bash script that takes the numerous javascript files and combines them into one easy to download file. Future releases will allow users more customization options over what is/is not included in the library.

Project Plan

Release Download Release Features/Points Addressed
0.1 http://github.com/acondinho/C3DL-Build-System Builds full library using a php web interface
0.2 http://github.com/acondinho/C3DL-Build-System This version now allows users to decide whether they want to include debugging tools when downloading the library

Project Leader(s)

  • Andrew Condinho
  • Andor Salga (Project Contact)
  • Cathy Leung (Project Contact)


  • 0.1 Release
    • Full library build
    • Minimized library build
  • 0.2 Release
    • Debugging may now be turned on or off when downloading the library

Project News

Project Contributor(s)

Steven Weerdenburg Contributed the web interface to interact with the bash script