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Project Name

Bug Triage Extension

Project Description

Mike Beltzner suggested this one after his talk. The idea is to make it trivial for testers to follow-through a bug's Steps To Reproduce (STR) so as to confirm it. A tester should be able to use this Extension to ask for a bug (i.e., one would be picked for him/her--no querying) and then a sidebar or similar would appear showing the steps to follow. Under that would need to be a way (e.g., buttons) to say that the bug is confirmed or not. Ideally the QA team could prioritize bugs so they appear in this list automatically, making it easier for testers to get the "right" bugs quickly.

Reference: talk to beltzner.

Project Leader(s)

Project Contributor(s)

  • Jeff Mossop - Created Images for the Bug Triage Extension - Click Here to View
  • Liz Chak - logo, testing

Project Details

Project News

  • Spoke to robcee and jay on irc, and they are both interested in following this and helping out. Jay is going to be away until Oct 16. Contact him then. (dave)
  • Research time: lots of IRC talk, web searching, and such. Mostly XPCOM stuff and ways to handle the database connectivity, also a bit of java but I've put that idea aside. Looking for an existing XPCOM componet that can handle this.
  • I'm going to try and release as soon as possible again but this week is jammed with school work, I'm expecting to release again in a week.
  • I'm also looking for better name and a logo if anyone wants an easy way contribute. If I use it I'll add you.
  • I pushed back my other work and got another update in before the busy week started. I started adding the preferences as well as started the view bug specs feature.
  • new version more features
  • new version is getting closer, right now the preferences is set up pretty good but they have to be manually changed. You can alter the rows of each bug to view, and the bugzilla instance to hit in the preferences.
  • new version fixes some html parsing problems, adds two new features: the view bug page button and the send email button.
  • preferences added, and search and better html tag stripping
  • exams so not much time, but I've been fixing things and looking at bugzilla code to overcome final update hurdle will post new version soon.
  • >>Break Through<< the buggy bar finally updated its first bug on landfill. finally fixed some bugs after working through some wrong information and finally getting the XmlRequest post methods to work. Will have new version up tonight or tomorrow but I've postponed studying for long enough so I'll have to do that first.
  • Save functionality update with some extras
    • added new bugaccess class which uses the XML format for bugspecs.
    • Save functionality works on bugzilla 2.20.3 and onwards
    • Fast bugzilla instance switching from a drop down on buglist tab
    • Will make old pure html parsing bugAccess class an option for older bugzilla versions. Save functionality works on bugzilla 2.20.3 and onwards but the mozilla instance is 2.20 so it has a bug but you can test it on the landfill instances, still waiting for my new account on the 2.18 instance to see if that one works. also fixed some things up in the back end, going to rip out the field handling soon and stick a nice object in there. Oh and the save feature shows the results in the main window I'll finish that up later.

Extension Progress

To Do(striked out means complete)

  • create user preferences feature
  • switch html special character back to original character
  • view bug specs feature
    • steps to reproduce
    • summary
    • etc
  • login to bugzilla feature
  • control bug list search parameters
  • update bug(almost done)
  • allow for bugxilla instances to be saved and selected
  • rip field code out and put it in object
  • comment code
  • create button images
  • decide on logo
  • use XML for bug Specs
  • finish to do list
  • allow for multiple searches/bugzilla instances

Project Resources