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Big Blue Button Dev Guide

1. Exploring Big Blue Button and it's Architecture

Consider following sources:

2.Installing Big Blue Button and Setting Up Big Blue Button Development Environment

You can install Big Blue Button either on Windows with Virtual Machine or on Linux Ubuntu.

Important!!! When installing OS use "firstuser" as a root account. Install Big Blue Button (BBB later in the text) in "firstuser" Important!!! To avoid permission problems type "umask 022" before you start installing BBB

Before installations subscribe to 2 BBB mailing lists:

All questions you have regarding installation address to bigbluebutton-setup, regarding development to bigbluebutton-dev. (Try to use their search and find answers, before you ask the question)

To install Big Blue Button:

To set up development environment:

To set up HTML5 client environment:

You will also need:

When client is installed connect to and join channels #seneca, #seneca-cdot

For more question contact Anatoly SpektorĀ :