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BerrySync UI.jpg

About BerrySync | Links, Resources | Planning Notes


BerrySync allows access to relevant Firefox browser information from a user's internet connected computer within their blackberry portable device (examples being bookmarks, history, active tabs, etc). This is based on the concepts established in the Firefox Sync plugin that is bundled with Firefox 4 and it's companion iPhone application named Firefox Home. Initial completion of BerrySync v1.0 was completed at the start of Sept 2011.

Version History

v1.0 - Sept 2011


BerrySync was developed using BlackBerry OS 5, is compatible with all screen sizes and both touch and keyboard interfaces.


We may be found on IRC at:

Issue Tracking

Git Repository

  • rome.proximity.on.ca:/opt/feral/feralsource.git

Private Sync Server

  • ireland.proximity.on.ca