Basics : Install Eclipse Plugins

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Install Java SE Development Kit for Your Operating System

Set the env variable JAVA_HOME to {your installation directory}

Install Eclipse Classic for Your Operating System

  • Go to Eclipse Downloads and choose Eclipse Classic (attention at operating system 32/64 bit).
  • Unzip the downloaded file in c:\Eclipse_Platform\Classic directory.
  • Start Eclipse (click the eclipse executable file in Eclipse_Platform\Classic\eclipse directory
  • In the Workspace Launcher dialog box: Workspace type ./wskp/hello


Follow the this tutorial to create the first application to build hello world application to check your installation.

The Directroy Structure for the Course

The root directory for this course is: Eclipse_Platform

  1. Basics/eclipse subdirectory
  2. OSGi/eclipse subdirectory
  3. RCP/eclipse subdirectory
  4. Mobile/
    1. Android/eclipse subdirectory
    2. BlackBerry/eclipse subdirectory
  5. Enterprise/
    1. Virgo/eclipse subdirectory
    2. WTP/eclipse subdirectory