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Trunk Status

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  1. Muhammad Ahsan Expert
  2. Saad Arif Tauseef Novice
  3. Nitin Parkash Panicker Expert
  4. Imtiaz Latif Novice

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Project Status

Assignment 2 - In the Trunk Nov 23,2011
Member Task Completed
Muhammad Ahsan CFrame,CField,CDialog,CButton
Nitin Prakash Panicker CFrame,CField,CDialog
Imtiaz Latif CLine
Saad Arif Tauseef CLabel

Assignment 3 - Started
Member Task Assigned
Muhammad Ahsan CText,CBlock
Nitin Prakash Panicker CMenuItem,CBlock
Imtiaz Latif CSwitch & CField upgrade
Saad Arif Tauseef CValidLine

Project 3 progress

CSwitch (incomplete) Transferred to trunk - Dec01,2011 - Committed by Imtiaz Latif

CSwitch (Completed) Transferred to trunk - Dec12,2011 - by Imtiaz Latif CField upgraded for Assignment 3. by Imtiaz Latif