BTP300B Teams Fall 2012

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BTP300B - List of Team Members for A1
Your team should keep the Weekly Log updated.
Team Number Name Name Weekly Log A1 Completed
0 Chris Szalwinski Peter Liu BTP300B Team 0 Weekly Log Y
1 Kabilan Jeyabalan Norbert Curiciac BTP300B Team 1 Weekly Log Y
2 Auquib Rasul Shajinth BTP300B Team 2 Weekly Log Y
3 Wesley Hamilton Joe Higginson BTP300B Team 3 Weekly Log Y
4 Barath Kumar, Filza Tahir Krishanthan Lingeswaran BTP300B Team 4 Weekly Log Y
6 Elsi Nushaj Shavauhn Gabay BTP300B Team 6 Weekly Log Y
8 Preshoth Paramalingam Robert Stanica BTP300B Team 8 Weekly Log Y
9 Kevin Kofler Lucas Passarella BTP300B Team 9 Weekly Log Y
10 Imtiaz Latif Krush Pachani BTP300B Team 10 Weekly Log Y
11 Rubinder Singh Radney Alquiza BTP300B Team 11 Weekly Log Y
12 Huda R Meet godhani BTP300B Team 12 Weekly Log Y
13 Frank Panico Tudor Minea-Manolachi & Michael Ricci BTP300B Team 13 Weekly Log Y
14 Jordan Theriault Julian Burton BTP300B Team 14 Weekly Log Y
15 Gideon Thomas Marie Karimizadeh BTP300B Team 15 Weekly Log Y
XVII Alexandre Kostikov Daniel Vescio BTP300B Team 17 Weekly Log Y