BTP300B Team 9 Weekly Log

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Week 1

9/05 (Wednesday):

  • Course introduction, formed team

Week 2

9/10 (Monday):

  • Pair programming in the computer lab
  • Requirements analysis (A1, Pair Programming)

9/12 (Wednesday):

  • Pair programming in the Open Lab
  • Working copy of display() function (A1, Pair Programming)
  • Minor revisions to display() function at home (A1, Kevin)

9/12 (Thursday) - 9/16 (Sunday):

  • Individual attempts of edit() function (A1)
  • Attempts will be used on 9/17 (Monday) to give a head start to pair programming of edit() function
  • Contributed cross-compatibility stackoverflow Q & A

Week 3

9/17 (Monday):

  • Pair programming in the computer lab
  • Continued work on edit() function (A1, Pair Programming)

9/18 (Tuesday):

  • Working copy of full-featured edit() function (A1, Kevin)
  • Final copy of display() function (A1, Kevin)
  • Minor debugging (A1, Kevin)

9/19 (Wednesday):

  • Contributed pointer arithmetic Q & A to the C/C++ FAQ
  • Contributed putty HOME and END key Q & A to the Assignment 1: Q & A page
  • Minor debugging (A1, Kevin)

9/20 (Thursday):

  • Contributed answer and reference page regarding heap corruption question to the Assignment 1: Q & A page
  • Final version of consolelineedit.cpp? Bug free as far as I know, but awaiting confirmation. (A1, Kevin)
  • Contributed answer to a1test crashing question on the Assignment 1: Q & A page
  • Contributed question about unsigned long long and double differentiation to the Workshop 2 Q & A page (W2, Kevin)
  • Early version of a class and header file written for app associated with consolineedit.cpp (A1, Lucas)