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(Week 7)
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==Week 8 ==
==Week 8 ==
10/25/2012 : Shajinth and Auquib have started working on Release 0.3 of Assignment 2
10/25/2012 :
==Week 9 ==
==Week 9 ==
==Week 10 ==
==Week 10 ==

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Week 1

We will be working on the code and try and have something by the end of the day.

(Thursday) We later tested the code made so far for the assignment with professor's provided file. and also the time for the next meeting is decided which will take place tomorrow in library.

10/09/2012 : Shajinth wrote the display function while Auquib acting as a navigator reviewed the code and provided following useful comments :

         a) Condition when string is longer than fieldLen should be included
         b) Condition when string is shorter than fieldLen should also be included

11/09/2012 : Shajinth changed the display function code after Auquib review and Auquib reviewed it and confirmed its correctness after testing.

12/09/2012 : Auquib wrote the edit function while Shajinth acting as a navigator reviewed the code and helped Auquib in writing code for RIGHT arrow press key.

13/09/2012 : Auquib continued his edit function and included other key presses handling also and Shajinth reviewed the code and also helped Auquib in writing down code for BACKSPACE and DEL key.

14/09/2012 : Auquib finished his code for edit function and Shajinth reviewed it and found there is heap corruption so Shajinth suggested delete [] StrBackup line at the end.

15/09/2012 : Auquib and Shajinth tested the code by including A1test.cpp file from website in the project. Found some errors in output.

16/09/2012 : Auquib and Shajinth debug thier code and corrected all the errors and found that the output is matching with what is required on the website.

Week 2

We have gotten the code to display the border and messages sucessfully on September 16. We then worked on the key functions and have gotten the keys detected with our code on Tuesday September 17th. We have documented the bugs that need to be fixed and we will be focusing on fixing those bugs on the final release.

17/09/2012 : Shajinth wrote the sample program as suggested by Auquib to test the functionality of edit and display function.

18/09/2012  : Prepared the matrix script in linux with A1test.cpp and the sample program.Also took screenshots of the output.

19/09/2012  : Now to test the program in windows, Shajinth created a project in visual studio 2008 and included the .cpp and .h files in it.

20/09/2012 : Auquib tested the project in visual studio and took screenshot of the output.

21/09/2012 : Auquib downloaded the borland 5.5.1 compiler and read from internet how to install it and compile the project in it.

22/09/2012 : Auquib compiled the code with borland compiler while Shajinth tested it and took the screenshot

22/09/2012 : Created an application to work with our assignment 1 while preserving the specifications.

22/09/2012 : Contributed and answered 2 questions on the wiki under assignment 1.

Week 3

The assignment is completed and submitted,to complete it Auquib and Shajinth met three days every week and thus we were able to complete the assignment on time.

Week 4

10/01/2012 : Organized days to meet up in the library every wednesday and planned time to work on the assignment online. Divided the work and started coding duing the lab.

10/02/2012 : created the display function of class tested the edit function, created the draw function of class, and the hide function of class

10/03/2012 : created the goMiddle function and Written pseudo code/algorithm for move function based on direction, reviewed the complete code developed till now and tested it by writing sample program

10/04/2012 : created the move function based on input direction, the move function for particular frame and tested the complete project in matrix, posted wiki question then tested the project and took screenshot in matrix

10/05/2012 : created a visual studio project, added the .h and .cpp files int, and compiled the code and took screenshots then compiled the code in borland compiler and took Screenshots for borland compiler

Week 5

10/10/2012 : Shajinth Designed and Developed the cfield class

10/10/2012 : Auquib reviewed the cfield class and created a driver program to test this class

10/10/2012 : Shajinth reviewed clabel class

            Added delete [] (char*)pdata(); 
            line in set function
            tested the code in linux environment by writing driver program for it

10/10/2012 : Auquib wrote code for clabel class and created visual studio project and tested this code in windows environment

Week 6

10/14/2012 : Shajinth designed and Developed the cfield class, and Auquib wrote code for clabel class

10/15/2012 : Shajinth wrote code for cbutton class, reviewed the cline class,and integrated the completed code for release 0.2 in linux environment then Shajinth compiled and test the code in linux

10/15/2012 : Auquib wrote code for cline class, reviewed the cbutton class, integrated the completed code for release 0.2 in linux environment compiled and test the code in linux

10/16/2012 : Received instructions on installing Tortoise planned to be installed configured and worked on during study week.

10/16/2012 : Shajinth changed the main.cpp code so that line drawing feature is also tested, then Reviewed the completed code once again and took the screenshot in linux environment

10/16/2012 : Auquib reviewed the complete code took the screenshot by running visual studio project

Week 7

10/23/2012 : Shajinth created wiki questions.

10/23/2012 : Auquib compiled the code with borland compiler and took the screenshot

10/23/2012 : Release 0.2 of Assignment 2 is completed.

Week 8

10/25/2012 : Shajinth and Auquib have started working on Release 0.3 of Assignment 2

10/25/2012 :

Week 9

Week 10

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