BTP300B Team 10 Weekly Log

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Week 5

  • 9/26 (Wednesday): Pair group for Assignment 2
  • 9/28 (Friday): Assignment 2 started - created and coded all header files such cfg.h, iframe.h, cframe.h and a2test.cpp class(Imtiaz,Krush) )

week 6

Sunday - 9/30 - Coded void setLine(), void capture(), void row(int) & int row() const over skype - Imtiaz, Krush

Monday 10/1 - Coded other functions : void col(int), int col() const, void height(int), int height() const , void width(int), int width() const - Imtiaz, Krush

Wednesday 10/3 - Coded rest of the other functions: void goMiddle(), void bordered(bool), bool bordered() const, void frame(CFrame*), CFrame* frame() const, void display(const char*), int edit(), void draw(), void hide(), void move(), and void move().

              - Compiled but getting error.

Friday 10/5 - Tried to resolve the compilation error but still need more fixing.

           - Send email to prof on compilation error.

Week 7

Sunday - 10/7 : Worked on display function to design frame as per requirement.

Monday - 10/8 : Meet at Tim Horton, debug the code. Code debugged without any compilation error but got some issue with frame design display.

Tuesday - 10/9 : After lots of struggle, we finally made our outer and inner frame worked. Worked on display and move function and finally able to debug code and got accurate result.

               - A2 release 1 has been submitted.

Week 8

Monday - 10/15 : - Repository account created and tested successfully.

                - Team Leader : Krush Pachani

Week 9

CField (Imtiaz )

CLabel (imtiaz)

CLine (Krush)

CButton (krush)

Week 10

Monday & Wednesday: Imtiaz and I worked did pair programming on CField class. Worked on constructor class.

Friday & Sunday: we did pair programming for public and virtual methods(mention below) and store its definitions in cfield.cpp file on Friday at school and later online on skype.

void** data() const void* pdata() const void display(int offset) int edit(int maxStrLength, bool* insertMode, int* offset, int* curPos) bool editable() const void set(const void*)

- On Sunday, we meet at Tim's Horton to work on cfield class. After several attempt of debug, we were able to debug without any error message.

Week 11

Tuesday: This week, we did a pair programming for 2 classes CLine and CLabel while helping each other. By the end of the Tuesday, we had implemented public methods for clable.cpp:

void draw(int) int edit() bool editable() const void set(const void*)

Wednesday: We worked on clabel class private method:

void allocateAndCopy(const char*)

Also, we did pair programming for CLine class and coded following classes:

void draw(int) int edit() bool editable() const void set(const void*) void allocateAndCopy(const char*)

Week 12

Monday & Tuesday: On Monday, we did pair programming for A(0.2) last class CButton.

Saturday & Sunday: We meet up at Tim's Horton to do pair programming for A(0.3) release, resolved errors one after other and debug the code until the result was successful.