BTP300B A2 Team 5 Bugs Report

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'Week 1

  • Getting error saying function is not a member of 'cio.
  • Getting error saying release was no declared in this scope
  • Problem with a2test.cpp since it requires all of A2 not A2R_01.

Week 2

  • Function Hide() is doing nothing.

Week 3

  • Container and inner box is missing left column.
  • When moving the container it leaves random variables behind.
  • If the container can move right the inner box will not be able to move right. Vice Versa.
  • Container goes beyond the console screen. Inner box also goes over the container parameters.


Week 1

  • Finished all prototypes for all functions
  • Got some of the functions completed such as:
  *# height
  *# row
  • Created a SVN repository for A2 using TortoiseSVN

Week 2

  • Complete some functions
  1. setLine();
  2. capture();
  • Complete Function such as
  1. both col() method;
  2. display();
  3. edit();
  • Completed the following Functions:
  1. Cframe* frame() const
  2. void frame(CFrame*)
  • Struggled to complete this function:
  1. hide() --> understanding how the buffer works for the console

Week 3

  • Assignment is completed.