BTP300B A2 Team 15 Weekly Log

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Release A2 0.1 Weekly Log: Jordan Theriault & Julian Burton

Monday Oct 1 (In class) - Pair Programming: Start header file and cpp functions.

Monday Oct 1 (Evening)- Pair Programming: Programming absrow, abscol, gomiddle, bordered, row, col, height, width, frame. Begin draw, hide, move, capture, setLine, etc.

Friday Oct 5 - Pair Programming: Finish incomplete functions

Sunday Oct 7 - Skype/Dropbox Pair Programming Conference: Debug, fix logic errors, finalize project.

Release A2 0.1 Weekly Log: Gideon Thomas and Marie Karimizadeh

week 4
9/24(Monday): Read the assignment specifications together in the computer lab.
9/25(Tuesday): Split the assignment into functional parts and created the cfg.h, iframe.h and consolebackup.cpp files.
9/26(Wednesday): Pair programming in the open lab on the files consoleplus.h and cframe.h
9/27(Thursday): Began coding cframe.cpp over skype, working on functional parts individually.
9/30(Sunday): Pair programming on draw() and hide() functions.

week 5
10/01(Monday): Debugging of the draw() and hide() function in the lab together.
10/02(Tuesday): Pair programming on the CFrame::move() and move() functions.
10/03(Wednesday): Final debugging and integration of display() and edit() functions into CFrame.
10/07(Sunday): Creation of typescript and submission of the assignment.

Functional parts of CFrame :-
Marie: CFrame(), void bordered(), bool bordered(), void frame(), CFrame* frame(), ~Cframe

Gideon: void goMiddle(), void row(), int row(), void col(), int col(), void height(), int height(), void width(), int width(), int abscol (), int absrow()


  • Provided a question on function pointers under C/C++ FAQ
  • Provided 3 questions regarding the assignment on the wiki.
  • Reported a bug in the test program on the wiki.