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BTP300A A2 Teams Fall 2013

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  • Designate a team leader and post up a brief description of responsibilities for each team member.
    • The team leader is in charge of merging a branch with the trunk.
    • Each team member must keep a log of testing that has been done at the branch level. The log should indicate what tests have been done on the code and the dates of testing.
  • Your team should keep the Weekly Bugs Report updated.
  • The team members should communicate with each other regularly.
  • Each team member must submit a brief report when an assignment is due. The report consists of peer evaluation, team work experiences, and programming experiences. On a scale of 0 (lowest) - 5 (highest), you should assign a score to your team member and yourself.
  • Please contact your professor ASAP if you have team work issues.
BTP300A - List of Team Members (3-4 students) for A2
Team Number Name Name Name Name WEEKLY BUGS REPORT A2 Completed
1 James Laverty Tarun Cherian Paul Makowski Shawn Ponte Team 1 Bugs Report N
2 Team 2 Bugs Report N