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|[[User:mbuttu| Mohammed]]||Buttu||[[Sapientiam Petamus|Sapientiam Petamus]]||[mailto:mbuttu@learn.senecac.on.ca?subject=bth740 mbuttu]
|[[User:mbuttu| Mohammed]]||Buttu||[[Sapientiam Petamus|Sapientiam Petamus]]||[mailto:mbuttu@learn.senecac.on.ca?subject=bth740 mbuttu]
|[[User:wtan5| William]]||Tan||[[Unkown]]||[mailto:wtan5@learn.senecac.on.ca?subject=bth740 wtan5]
|[[User:gwan7| Gerald]]||Wan||[[Unkown]]||[mailto:gwan7@learn.senecac.on.ca?subject=bth740 gwan7]
|[[User:jmiller2| Jeremy]]||Miller||[[Unkown]]||[mailto:jmiller2@learn.senecac.on.ca?subject=bth740 jmiller2]
|[[User:| Brock]]||Moote||[[Unkown]]||[mailto:@learn.senecac.on.ca?subject=bth740 ]
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BTH740 | Weekly Schedule | Research Projects | Research Essay | Student Resources

Project Summary

The research project for this course is a team project. Each team has up to three members. Select teams so that your team has some degree of heterogeneity. If possible, your members should not all share the same background or hold the same views.

The project has two parts. This semester, each team selects three web sites of well-established international corporations.

  • For the first part, each team develops critical views of the selected sites based on the material presented in this course and personal viewpoints. Each criticism highlights the deficiencies of the site and includes a description of the member's background and how it has influenced the evaluation. Team members comment on each other's views. Each team submits a written document that describes its criticism in detail. Each team presents a summary of its findings to the class.
  • For the second part, each team develops recommendations on how to improve the three sites and draws on the design material presented in the second half of the course, on research, and on the work of other teams in the course. Each team submits a written research paper that includes its criticism and its recommendations and presents a summary of its paper to the class.

Presentation Schedules

Stage 1

Team Name Date and Time
Tuesday November 1 9:55PM
Tuesday November 1 10:10PM
Tuesday November 1 10:25PM
Tuesday November 1 10:40PM
Tuesday November 1 10:55PM
Tuesday November 1 11:10PM
Tuesday November 1 11:25PM
Thursday November 3 9:55PM
Thursday November 3 10:10PM
Thursday November 3 10:25PM
Thursday November 3 10:40PM
Thursday November 3 10:55PM
Thursday November 3 11:10PM
Thursday November 3 11:25PM

Stage 2

Team Name Date and Time
Tuesday December 6 9:55PM
Tuesday December 6 10:10PM
Tuesday December 6 10:25PM
Tuesday December 6 10:40PM
Tuesday December 6 10:55PM
Tuesday December 6 11:10PM
Tuesday December 6 11:25PM
Thursday December 8 9:55PM
Thursday December 8 10:10PM
Thursday December 8 10:25PM
Thursday December 8 10:40PM
Thursday December 8 10:55PM
Thursday December 8 11:10PM
Thursday December 8 11:25PM

Student List

Add your personal information to the student list below along with your team membership and add a separate page describing your team's research project.

To add a page for your research project:

  • add an entry to the table below with the name of your project
  • select the project name
    • if the page does not exist, a new page will be created - copy the contents of the Sample Research Project Page into the textbox of your research project page
    • if the page exists, the page should appear

Use the following format for your table entry:

|[[User:WUN | FN]]||LN||[[TPN |TN]]||[mailto:LID@learn.senecac.on.ca?subject=BTH740 LID]

Replace the placeholders with your own information:

  • WUN: Your Wiki User name
  • FN: Your First Name
  • LN: Your Last Name
  • TPN: Your Research Project Page Name on wiki
  • TN: Your Research Project name
  • LID: Your seneca email ID (learn id)

List of Research Projects - Fall of 2011
First Name Last Name Project Name Seneca Id
Chris Szalwinski Project Page Name chris.szalwinski
Greg Krilov Sapientiam Petamus gkrilov
Andor Salga Sapientiam Petamus asalga
Grace Batumbya Sapientiam Petamus gsbatumb
Mohammed Buttu Sapientiam Petamus mbuttu
William Tan Unkown wtan5
Gerald Wan Unkown gwan7
Jeremy Miller Unkown jmiller2
[[User:| Brock]] Moote Unkown [1]