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To add a page to this wiki for your research project (if you are a student in BTH740, Fall of 2010):

  • add an entry to the table below with the name of your project
  • select the project name
    • if the page does not exist, a new page will be created - copy the contents of the Sample Research Project Page into the textbox of your research project page
    • if the page exists, the page should appear

Use the following format for your table entry:

|[[User:WUN | FN]]||LN||[[TPN |TN]]||[ LID]

Replace the placeholders with your own information:

  • WUN: Your Wiki User name
  • FN: Your First Name
  • LN: Your Last Name
  • TPN: Your Research Project Page Name on wiki
  • TN: Your Research Project name
  • LID: Your seneca email ID (learn id)

List of Research Projects - Fall of 2010
First Name Last Name Project Name Seneca Id
Chris Szalwinski Project Page Name chris.szalwinski
Steven Weerdenburg Inter-device Web Accessibility sweerdenburg
Matthew Lam Wiki usability mlam19
Daniel Hodgin Processing.js increases accessibility of Processing on the web dhhodgin
Edwin Shahbazian Biometric Authentication Technologies eshahbazian
Chinmay Patel Augmented Reality cdpatel1
Ezadkiel Marbella Augmented Reality evmarbella
Kenneth Pangilinan Fingerprint Identification vs Password Authentication kpangilinan
Ehren Metcalfe Formal Methods in Human Computer Interaction egmetcalfe
Nick Mirabella Cloud Computing nmirabella
Anders Cheung Future of Human Computer Interaction acheun3
Danny Lachhman Virtual Learning Environment vs. Physical Learning Environment srlachhm
Elton Aguiar Groupware LID