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BTH740 -- Human Factors in Computing

  • This course introduces human-computer interaction. Its focus is on the psychological and physiological factors in human/computer interaction. The course examines broad issues of ergonomics and their influence on human/computer interaction, the influence of culture and human behavioural patterns on the use of computers and on the development of interface design and ways in which computer technology itself may influence human behaviour.
  • The course is supported by an open website. This wiki is editable by all participants.

Subject Description and Course Outcomes

External Links

The Research Project

A major component of this course is the research project. Students select a particular topic related to human-computer interaction and research that topic in detail. They write a research essay on the topic and present their findings to the class. The presentation includes a widget that may be used in personal learning environment.

Important Dates

See the research essay page for more info
(see Moodle submission here for the first deliverable )

  • thesis statement - due October 18
  • preliminary research - due November 1
  • recording details - due November 8
  • writing - due November 15
  • publication - due November 18


  • Assignments 60%
  • Test 20%
  • Exam 20%