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== Archives ==
== Archives ==

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BTH740 | Weekly Schedule | Research Projects | Research Essay | Student Resources

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BTH740 -- Human Factors in Computing

  • This course introduces human-computer interaction. It focuses on the philosophical, psychological, and physiological factors that influence human/computer interaction. The course provides an introduction to the cognitive revolution in psychology and cross-cultural communication. This sets the scope for discussions of human factors that influence human/computer interaction and the development of interfaces for international audiences.
  • The course is supported by an open website. This wiki is editable by all participants.

Subject Description and Course Outcomes

External Links

The Research Project

A major component of this course is the research project. Students work in teams, select a particular topic related to human-computer interaction and research that topic in detail. They write a research essay on the topic and present their findings to the class in two stages: a preliminary critique of their findings and a subsequent research analysis and proposal. Each stage involves a presentation.

Important Dates

See the research essay page for more info
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  • Assignments 60%
  • Test 20%
  • Exam 20%