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[[Image:BTC640 - Lab6 mcberena.jpg]]
[[Image:BTC640 - Lab6 mcberena.jpg]]
== Anh Tran ==

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Winter 2013 Processing Intro lab results

Add a section below with your name and screenshot.

See BTC640/ProcessingBasics/Lab2012-1 for ideas about what yours could look like.

Andrew Smith


Vince lee


Husain Fazal


Sasha Atijas


Preshoth Paramalingam

Preshoth screenshot.png

Simon de Almeida

Sdealmeida lab6.PNG

Ari Keleshian

Screen Shot 2013-03-21 at 3.17.43 PM.png

Mark Aronin

Lab 6 Mark Aronin.png

Alex Craig

Alexcraig normal.PNG Alexcraig changed.PNG

Neil Guzman

NeilGuzman spiral.PNG

Rubinder Singh

Rsingh47 btc640 Lab6.PNG

Hyeyoung Choi


Meet Godhani

BTC640 meetgodhani lab6.JPG

Michael Dawson

Pro608 lab6 mgd.png

Melvin Berena

BTC640 - Lab6 mcberena.jpg

Anh Tran

Avtran3 pro608 lab6.png