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This academic paper review will hopefully be easier than the first one, but is similar in its goal - to teach you more about how academic research works. The paper you'll be working with is a great example of a small but correctly run scientific research project.

Veronikas and Maushak have made some guesses about how multi-modal lecture delivery systems might affect learning. In order to turn the guesses into science they ran a controlled experiment to gather data (facts), then used established statistical techniques to process the data, and then made decisions about their initial guesses based on the resulting evidence.

Including the abstract the paper contains 10 sections. Write a two-page (single spaced) paper explaining the purpose of each of these sections in the scientific process. Note that fluff is not tolerated in published work, and everything in that paper is there for a good reason. Find the reasons and explain them.

You may use online resources to learn about the scientific method, but make sure you write your paper in your own words.

Also list any resources you used at the end of your paper.

Save your file as an ODT or DOC or DOCX. I will appreciate it if you make the links clickable. Submit to Moodle before the deadline.

Grading: 10 points: 1 for each section.