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BTC640/PRO608 -- Multimedia Presentations / Multimedia Authoring

In the winter 2013 semester Andrew Smith will be teaching these two courses, and here's his schedule:

The office number is T2096, please send me an email if you would like to meet and discuss anything: andrew.smith at

Textbook & Resources

The textbook for both courses is required, it is: Multimedia: Making It Work, Eighth Edition, Tay Vaughan, McGraw Hill, ISBN 978-0-07-174846-9

Also a number of online resources and free software will be used, these are listed in the weekly program.

Course Outlines

Somewhat out of date outlines:


There is no exam in this course, and only one test. That means most of your marks will come from labs and assignments. If you want to do well in the course: come to all the labs. Not only will that get you 20% of the final grade but it will prepare you for the assignments.

Besides, you're here to learn, not just to get grades, right?

BTC640 PRO608 Weight
Ten labs Ten labs 20%
Two quizzes Two quizzes 10%
One test One test 25%
Three assignments Three assignments 45%

Labs are due on friday at 23:00. Late submissions will not be accepted unless you have a doctor's note.

Your grades will be recorded in Moodle

Weekly program

Week Material Textbook Links Homework Testing Material
1 (9-13 jan) Introduction / course overview; Chapter 1 BTC640/Overview Lab 1
2 (16-20 jan) Text Chapter 2 BTC640/Text Lab 2
3 (23-27 jan) Images Chapters 3, 13 BTC640/Images Lab 3
4 (30 jan - 3 feb) Sound Chapter 4 BTC640/Sound Lab 4 Quiz 1 ( 5% )
5 (6-10 feb) Video Chapter 6 BTC640/Video Lab 5 Quiz 2 ( 5% )
6 (13-17 feb) Mobile BTC640/Mobile
7 (20-24 feb) Test review / test
Break (27 feb - 2 mar)
8 (5-9 mar) Reveiw from previous courses, JSON BTC640/ProcessingPrereq
9 (12-16 mar) Processing.js basics BTC640/ProcessingBasics
10 (19-23 mar) Assignment progress review
11 (26-30 mar) Text, Images with Processing.js
12 (2-6 apr) AJAX BTC640/ProcessingAjax
13 (9-13 apr) Online apps using Processing.js
Exam (16-20 apr) No exam in this course