BRAKERS - Emergency Response System - Winter 2015

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  • Has access to all the activities and the ability to remove/create users


  • Should only have the ability to:
    • Modify button sets (each organization will want their own button sets)


Authentication (Login)

  • Uses certificate + yubikey + password

Account Creation

Modify Tile Set to Include His Tile Set

Authenticate Responder Devices

  1. Responder sends a CSR to the web server and receives ID of CSR
  2. Admin verifies certificate in the console (CSR gets signed)
  3. Responder sends ID of CSR to the web server and receives signed certificate and uses that to connect with server

Revoke Responder Certificate

  • Each certificate should have an organization it is tied to and have an ID/serial number
    • Admin would be able to revoke certificates with the organization name/ID (batch) or revoke it by ID/serial number of the certificate (single)

Modify Button Set to Include His Button Set

  1. Admin logs into console
  2. Admin selects to modify button set
  3. Console displays form to modify button set
  4. Form requires admin to provide organization ID and name, and option to modify buttons
  5. Admin can choose to add/modify/delete buttons at the same time of modifying button set
  6. Saving button set will make clients within that organization (checked through client certificate) fetch latest button set

Use Statistics/Reports

  • Should compile reports in random intervals to not stress server at certain times of the month
    • Should probably be minimum weekly reports (must at least be 7 days since last compilation of reports)




  • Uses PostgreSQL with PostGIS extension

Tile Sets

Button Sets

  • Button set
  • Button



  • Has own SSL certificate (same as web server SSL certificate?)


Set Up




Play Store

Set Up