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(Weekly Logs)
(Weekly Logs)
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=Weekly Logs=
=Weekly Logs=
{{BBB Team}}
OLD: {{BBB Team}}
{{BBB Log Index | 20132}}
NEW: {{BBB Log Index | 20132}}

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How to fill your daily logs

  • Each day before you leave, write a one line description of the work you have done during the day.
  • If there is a blog post, add the URL.
  • At the end of each week, add next week's table to your page.
  • Blog about the work you have done this week. And add URL to the bottom of the page.

Weekly Logs

Chad [blog] - Dale [blog] - Justin [blog] - Robert [blog]- Gary [blog]- Bo [blog]
BigBlueButton | BBB Weekly Log
Bo | Chad | Gary | Justin | Robert | Ystallonne