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(User Settings)
(System Settings)
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=System Settings=
=System Settings=
* Change global system settings
=Manage Departments=
=Manage Departments=
=Manage Department=
=Manage Department=

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General User Page

Student Page

Student logs in to this page having the following available

Professor Page

Admin Page

Super Admin Page

User Settings

  • Choose to change user or meeting default settings.

Manage Professors

  • 1) Search for professor
  • a) Add Section
  • b) Add subject

Manage System Subjects

  • Upload subject list
  • Add Sections
  • Add professors
  • Edit subject

Manage Users

  • Search for users
  • Filters
  • Ban user
  • View user's schedule
  • Edit user

System Settings

  • Change global system settings

Manage Departments

Manage Department

Class Settings

  • 1) Choose class
  • 2) Choose section
  • 3) Choose to manage student



  • Can create meetings


  • Can create meetings
  • Can create lectures


  • Can create meetings
  • Can create lectures

Create Conference

Create Meeting

Create Lecture

Edit User

  • Change user details
  • Modify permissions
  • Assign department admin

Edit Subject

  • Edit course details