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BBB Weekly Log

Week of Feb 24th

Week Day Today's work Blog URL(optional)
Monday Presented the Polling Module in our Teaching With Technology Day workshop; finally set up a "professional" Twitter account
Tuesday Adjusted core shortcut key system, began developing shortcut keys for Polling module, added a weird bug.

Blog Post

Wednesday Resolved Tuesday's bug, discovered a new one. Tried to untangle the cause of it. Post 1 Post 2
Thursday Continued investigating Wednesday's new bug, concerning the Poll menu updating properly when clicked but not when accessed via shortcut. ‎Blog
Friday Solved Wednesday's bug, began working on a smaller related bug. Solved that bug as well. ‎ Blog
Saturday Wrote up some Wiki material on developing within the accessibility framework for BBB Flash client. Blog BigBlueButton Accessibility Instructions

Weekly Blog

Week of

Week Day Today's work Blog URL(optional)
Sunday Finished BBB Accessibility Documentation, added it to BBB Wiki as well
Tuesday Started adding Polling shortcuts to Help window, putting shortcut framework into main polling window

Weekly Blog