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Brief Description: This Use Case enables the actor to filter the meeting and lecture appointments to be displayed on calendar.

Scenario 1: Edit filter setting


  • The actor is logged into the system
  • The actor is currently viewing the main page (calender.jsp) with a "Filter" link
Step# Actor System Data Used
1 Clicks on the filter link Displays (on the same page) a panel with 4 checkboxes (Meeting-Created, Meeting-Invited, Meeting-Guest, Lecture-Guest) and a "Filter" button, all 4 boxes are checked by default
2 Selects or deselects any one of the checkboxes
End of Loop until satisfied and clicks "Filter" button Retrieves selected lecture and meeting data (start time, duration) from database
Displays all lectures and meetings that fit the filter criterion on Calendar/Grid view

Successful Post Conditions:

  • Only meeting and lecture appointments that fit the filter criterion are displayed
  • The system now displays the main site page (calender.jsp)


  • After step 2, is it possible for actor to select or deselect any of the checkbox? Loop to a satisfied result?---Gary Deng
  • When you say "relevant data," what does that refer to? Meeting-Created, Meeting-Invited, Meeting-Guest, and Lecture-Guest aren't very descriptive of what is being filtered. - Justin

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