Assignment 2 (Fall 2013) Q & A

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How to setup SVN for the assignment

(Team 7, Yiqi, Oct 12, 2013)

1. Account info

The professor has sent the SVN accounts, user ids, and passwords to all team members. Format:


  • Where the first line is the account, which is also the project directory on Zenit.
  • The 2nd, 3rd and 4th lines are user ids and passwords for 3 members (in this case).

(the portion before '=' is the user id, after '=' is the password.

2. A SVN client

  • There are some listed here[1]
  • Amount many other choices, Tortoise SVN is a nice one: [2]

3. Setup connection between local computer and the server

  • Install the SVN client on your local computer, make a dir for your project, then point your SVN client to this dir as well as the url on Zenit:
  • The url should be something like this: svn://
  • (Tip:) It may not work if you copy-and-paste the UID and PW to your SVN client's fields. If so, type them in.