Assignment 1

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“Build the Fox”

Assignment 1 is meant to get you up to speed on the Mozilla environment as quickly as possible.

Due Date

Wednesday September 20th.


____/20 (Build Completed) + ___/10 (All Requirements Met) + ___/5 (Report)

Worth 10% of your final grade.


Build Firefox on Windows, Linux, or Mac. For help see:

You must hand-in a report (approximately 2-4 pages) detailing:

  1. Steps you took to complete the build
  2. Software you installed
  3. Problems you encountered
  4. How you solved those problems
  5. Resources you used to complete your work (people, web sites, etc.)
  6. Screenshot of Help > About Mozilla Firefox in your custom build
  7. Conclusions and reflections on your first experience building Firefox


See hardware/software setup information in DPS909 Course Software Setup

You will have problems. Don’t give up! It’s ok to help each other.