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This assignment is very much under construction and the contents will change. Your Professor will notify you when the assignment is released.

OPS235 Assignment #1 -- Winter 2010

Weight: 5% of the overall grade
Due Date: First week after study week.
(Check with your Professor for exact date)
Due at the start of class.

Before making any changes to your system configuration, backup the original configuration files into the /backups directory.

Basic Chores

Complete the following tasks on your system (4 points for each completed task).

  1. Setup your system so that the command mount /assigndir -- executed by any user -- will attach the logical volume assign-vol from the volume group called ASSIGNGROUP (minimum 100 MB) to the mountpoint /assigndir (The volume should NOT be automatically mounted at boot time) Use /dev/sda5 as the physical volume.
  2. Setup your system login message to say Long Live The Open Source Community (to be displayed on all virtual consoles after the login prompt)
  3. Setup your system login banner to say Free as in --Free of Charge-- is good too. (User should see this before login to the system)
  4. Setup your system so that every user has a command alias called rmtempdir which will delete the contents of a directory called ~/temp NOT the /tmp directory.