Android: Toronto for you - all events, workshops, lectures, festivals, celebrations in Toronto (Natalia Levkevitch)

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DPS924 Proposal for assignment 2

1. Name of Application: “Toronto for you”

2. Main theme: all festivals and events within the City of Toronto boundaries.

3. The data source: open data in xml format constantly updated and maintained by Economic Development & Culture Division, Event Marketing & Visitor Services Unit. Link:

4. Functionality:

The user will be able to search any events in past, current or in near feature which take place in Toronto. The data will be obtained in XML format, so the application will parse the data, and filter it by user’s criteria. The user will be able to save favorite events to the app’s calendar with comments for future use. I am thinking of doing an alarm which will remind of stored events, but this feature is “desirable but not mandatory”.