Android: Souper Shopper (Stanley Moote)

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Souper Shopper

Souper shopper is an app to help you with your day-to-day shopping. Ability to login, save lists and access your lists from multiple devices.


I had a lot of trouble with getting the app to actually receive the data from the java server in any sort of meaningful datatype. For some reason my readObject() was just hanging forever and never recieving the object I was writing to it. To overcome this i just decided to send it as UTF text and the put it in a class i made called AList which is just a simple data structure. Then I made a simpleAdapter class from it so i could put an ArrayList<AList> into a listview for easy viewing.

Another problem i have been having is refreshing. For some strange reason when i put my Async task to run in the onResume() it just crashes the app, im not too sure what i am doing wrong since the only think my Asynctask is doing is grabbing entries from the database. I could not solve this issue and as such refreshing is not enabled on the app.