Android: Parks and Recreational Facilities locator (Jose Romasanta)

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parks and Recreational Facilities locator

Main page:List of parks and recreational

If item is selected Displays location info:

  • Address
  • Location name
  • Contact info
  • List of what the location contains
  • Button to call phone number
  • Button to show location on the map(Google maps)
  • Add to favorites

Open data source

My hurdles in building my application

  • getting errors when pulling xml with no values: it took me a while to understand the problem because if i placed a break point in the program asynchronous does not work.
  • Understanding and implementing storage for temporary pulled data: Ended using a class bean to store data.
  • Setting up Maps: Google does not make it easy to implement maps to android systems. To do so, you must complete a series of downloads, registration, keystore registration, fingerprint registration, importing Google play project, updating sdk to include Google play services, referencing Google play package into assignment project.
  • Impossible to debug maps and geocoder on emulator: It is recommended to use an actual device to debug maps and geocoder. I could not afford android. needed to look for people to who has a device but everyone was busy with their own systems.
  • Failed in imput SHA finger print generated in keystore which prevented the maps from loading: Took me more time
  • My friend told be that I was stacking activities: I did not have knowlegde before hand. I had to edit my change screens.