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A movement called Open Data has been developing around the world. [1] The government of Canada has provided a website such that people can looku up open data catalogues offered by various provinces, cities, and towns. [2] For examples, the City of Toronto have open data sets about water quality of Toronto beaches and TTC Real-Time Next Vehicle Arrival [3] [4] Indeed, mobile apps have been built to make use of these open data sets. [5]

In Assignment 2, you are given the challenge to build an Android app that will pull open data sets from a source and create useful information for a mobile user. Here are the requirements:

  1. Select an area of your interest. You should browse through the open data catalogues before you make a decision.
  2. Pull the open data from one or more sources according to a user's choice of parameters. (For example, starting month and ending months of a year.) The data exchange format should be XML or JSON.
  3. Display the data sets in a scrollable list or table format.
  4. Perform data analysis or extract some useful information from the data sets.(For example, the highest, lowest, and average E. coli count in water at Toronto beaches.)
  5. Display the result of data analysis in a table or graph format.

You are welcome to expand and/or refine these requirements. You must email your list of requirements to your professor before you start building your Android app. Your list of requirements will be used to evaluate your work.