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Andora Logo

Developed By APK Team
OS Family Unix-like
Based On Fedora
Working State In development
Release Date October, 2011
Default User Interface Unknown

Andora is a custom version of Fedora Linux operating system, modified with emphases on developing for the Android platform. Light-weight, fast and preloaded with all the tools needed to write apps for Android is the main objective. A due date for release is planned for October, 2011.

Project Objectives

  • Create a Fedora Based Live CD that includes the Eclipse and Android Development Kits - Andora
  • Ongoing maintenance, improvement, and promotion of the Andora Live CD for Android developers

Project History

  • Project Logo proposed by Dan on September 24, 2011
  • Project Wiki Page Created on September 22, 2011
  • Project Name proposed by Mark and John on September 19, 2011

Member List

Please add your name below:

  • Raymond Chan
  • Dan Reyes
  • Radion Mynayev

How to get started

Read the following wiki page and try to create a Fedora Spin Live CD:

Basic Skills needed

  • Installation and configuration of Fedora systems
  • Fedora Installation using Kickstart file
  • Basic Linux commands
  • rpm and yum command line tools
  • Using virtualization (KVM, Virtual Box, or VMWare) on an Linux system

Project meeting

During next club meeting.

Ongoing Andora Project Page

Project competition for the 1st release of Andora Live CD

  • A workable Andora Live CD:
    • contains the least number of rpm packages
    • the smallest size
    • take the least time to boot
    • launch eclipse and load the Android development environment automatically
    • ...
  • The winner will get the following prize:
    • CAD $50 gift certification donated by Raymond Chan
    • 64MB usb memory stick
    • ...

Current Kickstart

%include /usr/share/spin-kickstarts/fedora-live-desktop.ks
%include /usr/share/spin-kickstarts/fedora-live-minimization.ks

@Fedora Eclipse

Change Log

VER 0.1 Very first .ks that we made creates ISO the size of 1,124,073,472 bytes. So we are beyond the CD disk and moving to DVD. Right now working on how to add custom files and patch existing. Radion

VER 0.2 The size is now 1,071,644,672 bytes. Few more packages is pulled out. Eclipse is still working ;-) Next version trying to autostart Eclipse with every boot and remove more stuff. Radion

VER 0.3 Size decreased again 1,062,207,488 bytes! 1265 Packages are installed so far. Eclipse is auto-starting. Radion

VER 0.4 Working on post script that will install ADT plugin. Found the way to include foreign files into the spin build. Now working on decreasing size of the image. Radion

VER 0.5 KS file changed drastically and its now has better configuration flexibility. Its also has a lot of errors :-( I am trying to decrease size of the Andora to fit onto the CD, hard... Lots of debugging is ahead to fix the KS. Radion

VER 0.6 It's 1 am, still debugging the KS and trying to decrease image size. Its really hard to fit on CD with Eclipse and Platform tools. I don't think it's possible to fit everything on the CD. I am afraid we are gonna have to use DVD. I tried fedora-live-mini.ks which gives me an image of about 120MB but its not workable, system just stalls on black screen. Radion

  • Install ADT
  • Change Eclipse plugin config file (hard)
  • include SDK
  • Include SDK Platforms

  • What platforms should be included?

Just a side note: Andora can be split into 2 versions.

  • "Andora Light" - has SDK and eclipse installed and configured but doesn't have SDK downloaded onto the disk. That way Andora can fir on CD. Such a distribution is good when user just wants to install Andora onto USB or HDD and then download the LATEST sdk files.
  • "Andora Live" - Has SDK downloaded and its the original "Pop the disk in and program" concept. The problem with it that SDK is more than one gb of the size. With every update we will have to release new image with that gig updated. Plus what if user want other versions of API that Version 2 disk doesn't have predownloaded. Radion