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= Member List =
= Member List =
Please add you name below:
Please add your name below:
* Raymond Chan
* Raymond Chan
* Dan Reyes
* Dan Reyes

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Andora Logo

Developed By APK Team
OS Family Unix-like
Based On Fedora
Working State In development
Release Date October 5th, 2011
Default User Interface Unknown

Andora is a custom version of Fedora Linux operating system, modified with emphases on developing for the Android platform. Light-weight, fast and preloaded with all the tools needed to write apps for Android is the main objective. A due date for release is planned for October 5th, 2011.

Project Objectives

  • Create a Fedora Based Live CD that includes the Eclipse and Android Development Kits - Andora
  • Ongoing maintenance, improvement, and promotion of the Andora Live CD for Android developers

Project History

  • Project Logo proposed by Dan on September 24, 2011
  • Project Wiki Page Created on September 22, 2011
  • Project Name proposed by Mark and John on September 19, 2011

Member List

Please add your name below:

  • Raymond Chan
  • Dan Reyes

How to get started

Read the following wiki page and try to create a Fedora Spin Live CD:

Basic Skills needed

  • Installation and configuration of Fedora systems
  • Fedora Installation using Kickstart file
  • Basic Linux commands
  • rpm and yum command line tools
  • Using virtualization (KVM, Virtual Box, or VMWare) on an Linux system

Project meeting

During next club meeting.

Project competition for the 1st release of Andora Live CD

  • A workable Andora Live CD:
    • contains the least number of rpm packages
    • the smallest size
    • take the least time to boot
    • launch eclipse and load the Android development environment automatically
    • ...
  • The winner will get the following prize:
    • CAD $50 gift certification donated by Raymond Chan
    • 64MB usb memory stick
    • ...
  • Deadline: October 5th, 2011 before 5:00pm