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(Sudoku Solver)
(Assignment 1)
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=== Assignment 1 ===
=== Assignment 1 ===
== Sudoku Solver ==

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Team Members

  1. Sukhbeer Dhillon, Responsibilities...
  2. Gurpreet Singh, Some other responsibility
  3. Edgar Giang, Some other other responsibility
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Assignment 1

Sudoku Solver

Is it a program that solves Sudoku puzzles(9X9) using Bruteforce algorithm. Either the user can pass a Sudoku files as an input or enter the values manually. Moreover, the file or the manual entry should have strictly 9 rows and 9 columns in them and all the cells should be separated by a space and the cells that needs to be solved should have 0 in them as their value.


In this program the Bruteforce algorithm first put 1 in the first cell and then check if it is violating any rules. If yes, then it increment the value to 2 and check again (The value can vary from 1-9) until it finds the appropriate value. After finding a suitable value for the first cell, it moves to the second cell and put 1 in there and again check again if it violating any rules. If it is discovers that 1 is not allowed in that cell, then the algorithm will increment it to 2 and check again.

Assignment 2

Assignment 3