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Adding tel support for Windows Mobile

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Project Name

Adding tel: link support for Windows Mobile

Project Description

Adding the ability to click on tel: links in Fennec on Windows Mobile and having the dialer dialog popup allowing you to call that number. Bug can be found here.

Project Leader(s)

Project Contributor(s)

Project Details

Support for tel: links was added to Fennec for Minimo, but we also need support for Windows Mobile. The plan is to create a basic XPCOM component to access the platform phone functionality and then modify the tel: protocol handler added in bug 437949 to use the XPCOM component on Windows Mobile.

Code from Minimo could be used as a basis for the XPCOM component:

Once this code is ported and tested, nsTelProtocolHandler should be updated to make use of this new XPCOM component.

Project News

Nov 12th - Blog post about project announcement and 0.2 Release goals
Nov 15th - 0.2 Release
Nov 18th - 0.3 Release goals
Nov 27th - 0.3 Release Update
Dec 6th - 0.3 Release
Dec 7th - 0.3 Release Patch Updated