Add DTrace Probes and scripts for Mozilla Code base

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Project Name

Add DTrace Probes and scripts for Mozilla Code base

Project Description

DTrace was created by Sun in OpenSolaris to allow developers to write simple scripts in order to probe and instrument executing programs in a way not possible otherwise. One of the advantages of DTrace is that it allows you to turn on probing when you need it, but not incur an execution penalty with regard to performance (i.e., when probes aren't being scripted, they aren't run). This requires developers to add "probes" to their source code. For example, if you wanted to know when a particular function is entered/exited, get info about what happened, etc. you could add probes to the particular function. Writing the probes is not difficult, however there are hundreds or thousands of probes that Mozilla would like across its code base.

Resources: sayrer

0.1 Release

I am looking at 2 major things for this release.

1) The Probe functionality works as close to the specifications needed.
2) It is able to track or pick up on at least 1 or 2 functions within the Mozilla Source Tree.
3) Neither Mozilla or my Probe functions causes the other to 'slpode (destroy the build or crash something).

Project Leader(s)

Chris Cameirao

Project Contributor(s)


Project Details

Objective 1) Get in contact with people behind the project (0 %)
Objective 2) Learn how to write Probing programs in C/C++ (25 %)
Objective 3) Specify 0.1 release (Done 10/05/08)

Project News


- Created this status page.


- Added 0.1 spec (was busy) - Started working on Probing software on C++