Active Directory Integration

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Project Name

Active Directory Integration

Project Description

Firefox doesn't have integrated Active Directory (AD) support. AD is useful generally in enterprises where there are thousands of machines and setting up web browser preferences on each one may be a tedious task. AD lets you set up group policies that Firefox should follow. For example, some policies may include setting the default home page, or setting the proxy settings based on user groups.

Project Leader

Cesar Oliveira

Project Details

This is where the status of the project. Mainly, releases will go here.

Release 0.1

This goal of this release was getting familiar with the concepts of Active Directory and Group Policies. No code has been written at this point in the time.

  • I have set up a Google Notebook to keep track of important links and conversations.
  • Had a few discussions with Michael Kaply (mkaply), a Firefox Advocate who works at IBM.
  • Discussed some of the goals for this project :
    • Many of IE's policies change more than just IE preferences. For example, there are policies to disable full screen mode. So it is not just a matter of mapping Firefox preferences to a policy, it is much more broad than that.
    • Still in the early stages. We should have a meeting this Monday to discuss exactly what should be worked on.
  • Started commenting on bug 337679

Status right now :

  • mkaply has started doing XUL overlays to disable some functionality. He's reading IE's policies and 'translating' them into Firefox policies.
    • Some obvious problems. Firefox has some options that IE does, and IE has preferences that Firefox does not.

Project News


Got project page up with details

Project Resources

Client Customization Kit

FirefoxADM - a visual basic script that changes firefox prefs based on some registry values

WetDog - a C++ program that does something with active directory.

MSDN articles on implementing registry based policies

Bugs 267888 and 337679.

Firefox Enterprise Working Group