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Team Members

A Team - Member list
Last Name Name Seneca Username Section Blog Url IRC Nick SVN ID My Contributions Role
Tong Wei wtong1 A Blog wtong1 wtong1 Contributions Team Contact
Xu Kai kxu9 A Blog kxu9 kxu9 Contributions Team Contact
Wang Yu ywang268 A Blog ywang268 not yet Contributions
Mo Hsiu-Mei hmo6 A Blog hmo6 not yet Contributions
Zhang Shun Yao syzhang4 A Blog DownWind syzhang4 Contributions
Chen Wen Fang wfchen A Gwen's Blog wfchen not yet Contributions
Wang Chun Xia cxwang A cxwang's Blog cxatseneca cxwang Contributions
Wang Liang lwang168 A Blog lwang168 not yet Contributions

Email to this team

SVN Account


Team Announcement

Our first IRC meeting will on 20:00-22:00 27 Jan.(wednesday) Notes for meeting

Our second IRC meeting will on 20:00-22:00 6 Feb.(Saturday) Notes for meeting

Assignment 1 direct link click here

To all the team member!(Feb.02.2010)

<----Please "Check out" with svn://zenit.senecac.on.ca/oop344_101rep2 and verify your user name and password which informed in Fardad's email ---->

<----Please create your own working folder with your svn ID or some meanfull name in the trunk!---->

Team Coding Rules

Conventions and Styles

  • File heading : Please include a comment heading stating the file name, author, date create, and short description
  • Function comment : Please include a comment above the function
  • Inline comment : Please use inline comment when the code is hard to understand.
  • Indent : Please indent all the code in same block. There will be no tab use.
  • Variables and function naming : follow Fordad's style.